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Business and share valuations
One of our core services is the preparation of business and share valuation reports. The value of a business cannot be estimated from financial records alone. We consider all aspects of a business to determine its value, including the management team, brand names and trademarks, databases, exclusive contracts and distribution channels, and other intangible assets.

Business Start Up and purchase

Business sale support

Strategic and business planning
Planning is essential to facilitating the smooth running of a new business venture or simply ensuring that a business is functioning and progressing as it should. We can help you develop a personalised business plan that will detail all that is relevant and important to your business, including its current status of operations, its desired business goals and requirements, and how the business intends to achieve them. Our advisers can also help you to prepare the necessary financial forecasts to accompany your new business plan.

Trusts and Asset Protection

Estate Planning

Benchmarking and Financial Health Analysis

Business and capital restructuring

Retirement and succession planning
It is critical that business owners develop detailed exit strategies that manage both when and how to leave their business. PKF Goldsmith Fox's succession planning process develops individually tailored exit plans for business owners. We understand that building, developing and managing a business is more than simply a job. That is why we aim to ensure that when you do exit:

  • Your financial rewards are maximised
  • Your business is ready to continue successfully
  • Your transition from business owner is a smooth and natural progression

Insolvency and recovery
Insolvency does not always signal the end of a business but timing is critical. If there is enough time - when we are approached early - we look carefully at all the alternatives to insolvency. When all the options have been exhausted, we help to give businesses, or parts of businesses, the best chance of survival through formal corporate insolvency appointments.

During a time of financial distress or crisis, one of the best ways to build goodwill and trust with stakeholders and customers can be to restructure or simplify the business. To do this effectively, businesses need thorough advice and guidance from business advisers who understand all the subtleties of corporate recovery. We will work with you to determine the best process, and manage a corporate structure simplification for your business and corporate interests, whatever the reasons behind it.

Dispute resolution support
PKF Goldsmith Fox has been successful in helping numerous clients resolve complex business issues and disputes. Many disputes arising are based upon accounting issues. The skills and knowledge of specialist accountants can greatly assist legal teams by bringing clarity to the often complex and confusing financial aspects of a dispute.

We work discreetly and sensitively to examine accounting concerns in the matter under dispute, leaving the legal team free to concentrate on the legal issues and strategy of the case.

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